How to enjoy webtoons 100% fun

Anyone who likes webtoons should enjoy watching them.

Please find out how to make it even more fun.

First of all, it is a good idea to create a good surrounding environment when watching webtoons.

It is a good idea to create an environment where I can view webtoons comfortably.

Additionally, you can also turn off smartphone notifications or phone rings. Of course, you have to answer important calls.

Block notifications and sounds that are not very important. It gets in the way of concentrating on the webtoon! 툰코

If this is your first time seeing a webtoon, focus on the title or first page. Once you understand what kind of webtoon it is about, you can become immersed in it.

Also, it is good to understand the characters and their relationships.

There is a big difference between just looking at a work and seeing it with some understanding.

Once you understand it to some extent, you can enjoy the work more enjoyably.

Webtoons are fixed pictures that do not move. Therefore, it is better to look closely at the drawing style or the facial expressions and movements of the person.

You can become more immersed by looking at the overall background.

If you’ve seen all the work, it’s fun to read the comments. People communicate by telling various stories.

In the process, we also tell stories unique to the public.

If the author confirms the content, will he/she reflect it in the work?