Recent Grant Recipients

Got Your Six K9s recently received a $2,500 grant from Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Foundation to help them pay for training a service dog for a veteran. Got Your Six K9s is dedicated to helping wounded combat veterans through the assistance of professionally trained service dogs to help them cope with PTSD and other service related injuries. We are proud to provide the best-performing dogs for these deserving men and women. Find out more by visiting their website at:

Heaven's Helpers in Waukesha received a $750 grant from the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Foundation to support Retired Sgt. Henry Almonte get a service dog for his PTSD.. Sgt. Almonte served in Panama and Kuwait, where he where he was injured during a bombing. He suffered PTSD, and severe damage to  his arm, collar bone and pelvis.  The grant helped him purchase Lelu, a Bullmastiff/Cane Corso mixed pup to deal with his PTSD and anxiety.  ...