kindred companionS memorial fund

The Kindred Companions Memorial Fund allows veterinary hospitals, clinics and their clients to commemorate and celebrate the lives of pets who have passed on, by donating to WVMF in the name of that animal.

  • By donating $10 or more to WVMF in honor of the family’s pet, hospitals and clinics can provide some small comfort to the families who have lost their beloved animal, while supporting the fundraising initiatives of the Foundation.
  • Upon receiving the donation, WVMF will send a heartfelt, personalized card conveying sympathy for the family’s loss, letting them know a donation has been made in honor of their pet.
  • Funds raised through Kindred Companions Memorial Fund will be used to support WVMF initiatives; including, but not limited to:
    • veteran’s care programs
    • senior care programs
    • disaster relief programs
    • educational programs (including pet care) and,
    • scholarships for veterinary medical students.

Priority will be given to programs operating within the State of Wisconsin.

The WVMF Board will accept requests for funds from organizations and individuals, and award grants based on services provided to enhance the lives of small and large animals, their owners, and the community at large.

Special thanks to the participating clinics!