What happens when you don’t get a health checkup?

If you do not have a health checkup, the following may occur: Let’s take a closer look at the example below.

Missing early detection of disease

If you don’t get regular checkups every year, you could miss early signs of a serious illness like cancer. For example, if you do not undergo breast cancer screening, you may miss the opportunity to detect breast cancer in its early stages.


Disease progression and complications

Let’s take diabetes as an example. Without regular blood sugar monitoring and consultation with your doctor, diabetes complications can lead to decreased kidney function or increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Missed opportunity for prevention

For example, if high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels are outside the normal range, you can detect them early through a health checkup and take preventive measures through diet or exercise. However, if you ignore screening, you may miss this preventive opportunity.

increased medical costs

As the disease progresses and complications arise, medical costs can increase. For example, the cost of managing diabetes complications may be higher in the short and long term.

Decrease in healthy quality of life

Health checkups help you understand and manage your health, but if you do not get checkups, your quality of healthy life may decline. It may become difficult to enjoy activities while staying healthy.

risk of disease spread

For some communicable diseases or infectious diseases, screening can help detect infection early and prevent its spread. If you do not get a health checkup, you risk spreading the disease.

For this reason, health checkups are very important to actively manage an individual’s health and prevent disease. Through regular health checkups, you can monitor your health status and take necessary measures to enjoy a healthy life.

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